I answer my phone for bookings from 10am-10pm Monday-Saturday. I am closed on Sundays. If I do not answer then I am in a session. Please leave your name and number so I can promptly return your call. When calling please keep in mind that I am a professional. If you are not polite and respectful at all times I will end the call. I only choose to foster quality worthwhile relationships with those of a like mind.

Blocked Numbers

Blocked or private numbers will not be answered


The number you are calling is a land line and does not receive text.


I check my emails before and after my sessions, however I highly encourage you to read my websites if you are in need of a quick answer. I do not book appointments via email so If you are looking to schedule an appointment, please call my office as I prefer the more personalized contact of the telephone.

Dallas office: 972-318-2190
UK Number: +44-20-3808-9394

Please check my calendar to see my travel schedule.

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