1. What first triggered your interest in the BDSM scene?

I have always been very interested in respondent conditioning using the connection between the neurological processes of the brain combined with the physiological responses of the body and how someone could be controlled through those responses.


2. How did you come about your Mistress name?

Divine intervention. I had been asleep one night when I woke up the next morning the name Montana was on my mind. I felt it was a perfect representation of who I am….Strong, powerful, open, independent.


3. How did you receive professional training?

I trained for several years with a woman named Mistress Loren. We went on to co/own a dungeon in Dallas, Texas until she moved out of state.


4. Do you have a favorite form of play?

I’ve always possessed an erotic, perverse, and mischievous mind with a penchant for psychological torture. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoy tease & denial.


5. Are the chambers you use fully equipped?

Yes. I have multiple fully equipped dungeons in the USA.
Review my website for details.


6. Do you have a wide range of outfits?

I do not cater to the leather & latex fetish. However, I do extensive role-play scenarios where I am dressed as a doctor/nurse, teacher/librarian,  IRS agent, boss/coworker,  wife/girlfriend, etc.


7. Would you say that you are naturally a dominant person?

Yes…I was born this way.


8. Do you feel empowered whilst dealing with a slave?

I feel a sense of accomplishment when I guide someone to opening up to sensing, feeling, experiencing, and understanding new components of their sexuality.


9. How do you feel when a slave is worshiping you?

I don’t do slave worship.
I mentor powerful corporate men yearning for both mental and physical submission.


10. Do you have any tips for slaves approaching you?

Lets not waste each others time. Read my website before calling. If after reading my website you should still have questions please call. I prefer the more personalized contact of a phone conversation to email any day. Lastly, when speaking to me, act as if I am the owner of your company, treat me with courtesy and respect and I will extend the same to you.

Mistress FAQ

by | Jan 17, 2016