I know you want to please me…

Many of you feel nervous about finding just the right gift, so I have compiled a list to help you on your quest.
I realize you want to make a good impression so, a gift from my wish list is always a wonderful start.
While gifts and tips are not required they are always appreciated and such a good way to make your acquaintance…don’t you think?

Mistress Montana

Many of you are aware that I am opening a new dungeon in Dayton Ohio at the first of the year. So, I have added several new items to my gift list and my Amazon wish list that I would love to have for my new dungeon. If you are at a loss as to what to get a Target, Walmart or a general gift card would be wonderful.  After all even dungeons need paper towels, toilet paper, baby oil, cleaning supplies etc.

Agent Provocateur Gift Card

Type: Gift Card
Amount: Any

Marriott International Gift Card

Type: Gift Card
Amount: Any

American Airlines Gift Card

Type: Gift Card
Amount: Any

Honey Birdette Gift Voucher

Type: Gift Card
Amount: Any

Central Market

Mistress Central MarketType: Gift Card
Amount: Any

On The Go Mat Bag - Gaiam

Mistress Mat

Mistress Amazon Gift List

Mistress AmazonType: Any
Action: Go Buy

Sweet Almond & Macaroon Home Candle

Mistress CandleSize: 200G
Fragrance: Almond & Macaroon

Whole Foods Market

Mistress FoodType: Gift Card
Amount: Any

SeriousKit Milker Package

DSC_0078_2 Standard Finish – £820

Opus One Meritage Vintage

Tiffany keys vintage oval key charm and chain

Post Ranch Inn

Mistress Vacation

Room Selection: The Cliff, Pacific, Ocean or Coast
Nights Need to be sequential


by | Apr 28, 2015