I know you want to please me…

I understand that finding the perfect gift can be nerve-wracking, especially when you want to make a good first impression. That’s why I’ve put together a gift Wishlist to make things easier for you. Whether you’re looking to surprise me or simply show your appreciation, I’ve curated a selection of items that I know I’ll love.

So, feel free to take a look and find something that speaks to you. Remember, the most important thing is your thoughtfulness and kindness, and I appreciate any effort you make to make me happy. While gifts and tips are not required they are always appreciated and such a good way to make your acquaintance…don’t you think?


Please have all packages delivered to the following address:

T. Hare
1004 Morningside Court
Mesquite, TX 75150

Saint Laurant

Envelope medium chain bag in mix matelassé grain de poudre embossed leather

Color: Dark Beige

Size: Medium

Voltige + Joujou120mm - Black / Gold - Matte leather

Size 39

Bounty Hunter Wines

Most Wanted 3 Bottle Club

Through The Looking Glass Flower Arrangement

Opyum Sandals in Patent Leather

size 38.5 (UK) or 8.5 (US)

Mistress Amazon

Mistress Amazon Gift List

Type: Any
Action: Go Buy

Post Ranch Inn

Room Selection:
The Cliff, Pacific, Ocean or Coast
Nights Need to be sequential

Mistress Mat

Marriott International Gift Card

Type: Gift Card
Amount: $250 min

Mistress Central Market

American Airlines Gift Card

Type: Gift Card
Amount: $250 min

Mistress Mat

Honey Birdette Gift Voucher

Type: Gift Card
Amount: $250 min

Mistress Central Market


Type: Gift Card
Amount: $250 min

Mistress Candle

Dallas Cowboys Tickets

2 home game tickets, Club level hall of fame or Club level main (and of course I will always accept suite tickets)

Mistress Central Market

Wayfair Gift Card

$250 min

Mistress Food

SeriousKit Milker Package

Standard Finish – £820

Opus One Meritage Vintage

Terminl 1 zip-front carry-on and checked luggage set

I prefer the white, but if it is unavailable then my second choice is the Navy. 

Amazon Gift Card

$250 Min

Send links to eGift Cards to


by | Apr 28, 2015