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Day 1, August 19th

Developing your Fem Dom skills

Developing your skills to set up your scene


Introducing Dallas Master Mind: Developing Your Fem Dom Skills

Are you ready to take your dominatrix skills to the next level? Join us for an intensive two- day class where you’ll learn the art of Fem Dom and develop the necessary skills to set up your scenes with confidence.

On the first day of the class, we’ll delve deep into advanced skills and techniques that will elevate your dominatrix abilities. This class is not for beginners, as we’ll cover topics such as electro-sounding, reading body language, edging, strap-on play, bondage, and the proper way to cane a client. You’ll have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a client, honing your technique and mastering the art of dialogue to create unforgettable sessions.

Limited Class Size:

To ensure an optimal learning experience, this class is limited to only 9 participants. We’ll break into small groups, providing a hands-on setting for you to practice and perfect your skills. Please note that this class is not for the squeamish or those who are afraid to actively participate. Learning by doing is essential in becoming a proficient dominatrix.


Being a dominatrix is an exploration of self. It’s crucial to know who you are, how you want to be perceived, and what you want to achieve. Alongside skill development, we’ll address some essential questions:

  • Do looks matter in the industry?
  • Where to purchase appropriate clothing and equipment?
  • How to get training and develop your expertise?
  • Should you work independently or for someone else?

Are you ready to take your dominatrix skills to the next level? Join us for this intensive two- day class where you’ll learn the art of Fem Dom and develop the necessary skills to set up your scenes with confidence.

    There are as many different types of Dommes as there are people. It is not our attempt to sway you in any given direction but to give you information that will help guide you to answer these questions for yourself. If you don’t know yourself then how will you know what you want? These are some basics that everyone must address when getting started.

    Day 2, August 20th

    Developing your Business Skills

    How to set up your business, how to keep your money, and how to stay safe.

    Taught by Mistress Montana & Esquire Gary Krupkin


    Taught by Mistress Montana and Esquire Gary Krupkin, day two of the class will focus on the business, marketing, and legal aspects of being a dominatrix.
    Did you know that when you get your passport you now must show all your ears with no earrings? That’s right, your ears are just as unique as your fingertips. The government now uses biometrics to scan your ears from your passport photo to All of your social media profiles. They scan from both your personal and work-related social media accounts. When you sign up with ANY fan sight to make extra money, they require your SS#. That number is shared in a government database. They have your real name, where they can find your real Facebook page from there, they can and will connect the dots using your Biometrics on your passport to your work social media. Women are being detained daily at security when they try to enter a foreign country to work. You have listed on your entry form that you are coming for pleaser but your work social media states all your work dates and how you can book and appointment. Now you’re in holding. What are your rights? Do you have any? What can you do or better yet what should you do?
    You just wanted to make some extra cash by taking a few calls on night flirt. It’s just talking on the phone after all…right? Until you open your bank account and it’s been shut down! WTF?? Now you find out the bank has the right to shut down ANY person’s account that they see fit at any time. Bank’s DO NOT like adult industry money! You have bills that you were going to pay out of your account, a mortgage due etc. Now the bank has seized all your funds. What are your rights?

    You accept Venmo, PayPal, and CashApp as forms of payment. You have told your clients over and over to be discreet. Do NOT write anything about a session on the notes but they don’t listen, and they still do. Now you are booking for a work trip to NYC. You have thousands of dollars of deposits coming in for the trip. Money you will be using to pay for flights, Airbnb, food, and advertising. All of which you must pay upfront. You wake up and Venmo and PayPal have frozen your account. What are your rights?

    Don’t be so naïve to think these things will never happen to you! You need to arm yourself with legal information, so you know not only your rights but how to prevent these things from happening to begin with. This information can and will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and lots of heart ache in the long run.

    Business Development and Legal Insights

    Business Basics

    Alongside skill development, there are Financial Considerations. Understanding the financial aspects of your dominatrix business is crucial. We’ll cover important topics related to finance and payments:

    • How to set your rates and determine what to charge
    • Estimating your potential earnings
    • Tax filing obligations
    • Accepting credit cards and managing payments securely.

    We’ll equip you with the knowledge and strategies to set up and manage your business successfully, and to safeguard your income, and ensure your safety.

    Legal Considerations

    taught by Esquire Gary Krupkin

    Navigating the legal landscape is vital to protect yourself and your business. We’ll cover topics including:


    • Understanding what practices are illegal
    • How to keep your accounts from being shut down
    • What is your legal right at the border
    • Newest law on Biometrics and passports
    • SW’s and travel

    Marketing Strategies

    Taught by Mistress Montana

    Reaching your target audience and effectively promoting your services is key to a successful dominatrix career. We’ll address crucial marketing questions:


    • Identifying your target market and understanding their needs
    • Choosing the right advertising platforms and venues
    • The pros and cons of showing your face in advertisements
    • Leveraging social media for marketing and client engagement
    • Utilizing AI technology for advanced marketing and ads

    Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enhance your Fem Dom skills, develop your business acumen, and gain the legal knowledge necessary to navigate the industry confidently. Secure your spot now and join Dallas Master Mind: Developing Your Fem Dom Skills.


    Day 1 August 19th, Day 2 August 20th

    Both days sign-in starts at 9:30 am. The classes will begin at 10:00 am and last until 5:00 pm with an hour’s break for lunch from 12-1 pm. (Lunch is provided on both days) There will be a Q&A to follow so make sure to have your questions prepared.


    Day 1 August 19th
    Mistress Montana’s Dungeon in Garland, TX
    (full address to be given upon class enrollment) Class limited to 9 people only!

    Day 2 August 20th
    Mistress Montana’s private home in Heath Texas (full address to be given upon class enrollment) Class limited to 20 people


    $450 for each day
    or you can purchase both days as a package for $825

    All major credit cards accepted along with Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, or Apple Pay

    Please email me at MistressMontana@yahoo.com for ALL payment instructions!!

    **Please note if you choose to pay using a credit card there will be a slightly higher fee due to the process fee that is attached to the payment processing.


    Casual – NO fetish wear, please!!
    ** NOTE**
    This class always sells out so book your spot quickly!





    972-318-2190 (This is a land line and DOES NOT accept texts)