For the Discerning Gentleman

Concierge Key

For the discerning gentleman who demands nothing but the best in life, I present to you the ultimate indulgence:

Concierge Key Elite.

This personalized, private, and exclusive experience is tailored to the desires of the elite gentleman with refined tastes and a penchant for domination.

Crafted with the utmost discretion and creativity, Concierge Key Elite offers an unparalleled respite from the mundane. This is not your typical one-hour session but a real-world, un-rushed environment where we can delve deeper into your kink and explore your darkest desires.

With this unique service, you will have the privilege of being at my service, as we unlock the depths of your passion in a way that you have never experienced before. Trust me, this is an experience beyond compare, one that only a select few will ever have the chance to enjoy.

To ensure availability, I recommend booking your Concierge Key Elite experience well in advance. Do not miss this rare opportunity to indulge in your deepest desires without compromise.

These sessions are best booked well in advance to avoid disappointment or additional travel cost due to late requests

About Me

As a woman of considerable intellect and achievement, I have dedicated years to mastering my skills. I possess a potent combination of allure and strategic acumen that can be considered both captivating and formidable. I have a BBA in Marketing and a BS in Interior Design from the University of Oklahoma {Boomer Sooner!!). I mingle exceptionally well with a variety of people on a multitude of topics ranging from quantum physics to hunting. I am also a huge sports fan so I would thoroughly enjoy having you cater to my needs at almost any sporting event. You will see that I have a regal, dynamic air about myself that stops traffic at fifty paces and a way of commanding any room that I am in.

Although I positively exude sex, my slightly aloof posture warns that I am not for the common man! However, for the rare soul who does capture my interest, I will size you up with a glance, instantly knowing what you like, what you fear, and what your psyche craves.

Each scene I create is a uniquely individualized experience. One that has been crafted exclusively for each person based on their BDSM kinks and desires. Concierge Key Elite has been designed with your busy schedule in mind, interspersing BDSM with dinners, corporate functions, concerts, plays, etc. I easily traverse between both the kinky and corporate worlds, with a wardrobe to match. Thus, allowing for a stress-free excursion.

I am sapiosexual so do not bore me, THINK…after all brainy is the new sexy!


First-class round-trip airfare is required for all domestic travel. Business-class is acceptable for all international travel. A 50% deposit is required to set this time aside for us. The location of where we are to meet is for you to arrange.



$2000 per day with a 2-day minimum
all fees to be paid in USD
I accept MC, V, AMEX, DISC, Venmo, Cash App, Apple Pay, or Zelle
(this includes my travel time & my fee)

Airfare is NOT included and will be determined at the time of scheduling. All additional expenses such as car service to/from the airport along with food will be borne by the client.

**Please keep in mind that if you choose to pay for my time with MC, V, AMEX, or Disc, you will incur a 3% surcharge to cover the credit card fees.

“To be a poet is to place pleasure, beauty, and sensual delights front and center, it means having a predilection for debauchery.”
-Nicole Brossard