There is extraordinary.

And then there is Mistress Montana.

I am

A highly intelligent & accomplished woman of stature who has spent many years studying & honing my craft. You will find me a dangerous mix of seductress and strategic genius! I have a regal, dynamic air about myself that stops traffic at fifty paces, and a way of commanding any room that I am in. Although I positively exude sex, my slightly aloof posture warns that I’m not made for the common man. But, for the rare soul who does capture my interests, I will size you up with a glance, instantly knowing what you like and what you fear. I will then use my intuitive nature to seize upon your greatest weaknesses, ripping them open and exposing your vulnerabilities. Finally, introducing intermittent pleasure or pain with the use of sensory or sadistic play, depending on what YOUR psyche craves.

You are

A powerful man, accomplished and confident in his own right. You are not a submissive man, but strong enough and willing to submit. You seek intense play that is erotic, edgy, liberating & stimulating. You are willing to be led down a path that allows you to relinquish your mind & body to my wicked imagination and capable hands. Once there, you will be pushed to the edge and pulled back ever so slowly, thus building the intensity till you find yourself at the peak of arousal…you will be begging for more!

I am sapiosexual so do not bore me, THINK…after all brainy is the new sexy!

I strongly prefer to play with highly accomplished, intelligent men of the same ilk!

IMG_0934Mistress Montana 

I am available for sessions from 10am-7pm Monday-Saturday. I do not session on Sundays. You may book a appointment on the same day or as far in advance as a week. If you are booking a same day appointment, a 2hr notice is required. While short notice appointments will be considered, advance appointments are always recommended. All of my sessions are at my location, I do not offer outcall sessions. 

I am not

a hooker with a whip. If this is what you are looking for, there are many others for you to choose from.

My Interests

This is not a complete list, by far. If you don’t find your particular fetish please call, chances are I do it, or I can refer you to a very capable dominatrix in town who does.

  • Pegging (click for more information)
  • Mind Play: Submissive, slave, humbleness training, sensory deprivation/overload, ritual & etiquette education.
  • Body Play: Classic SM-creative, TT, CBT, NT, BT, pain/pleasure training, electro-torment, tantric, spiritual, & energy-based SM – from sensual to ecstatic to severe.
  • GS & Enemas: Call for a complete list of the different types offered.
  • Percussion Artistry: Light OTK, BB, spanking to severe caning, paddling, strapping, corporal punishment, flagellation/whipping, & extended whippings.
  • Domestic Discipline: Maid & servant training, sissy & bad boy fantasies; school Mistress scenarios…..etc.
  • Bondage: Intricate bondage, mummification, full body suspension, category 5 suspension, electric swing, hand-forged iron jail cell & cage.
  • Fetishes: Foot/leg/shoe/adoration

Orgasm is the involvement of the total body: mind, body, soul
all together… it is like a madness… it is like meditation…


by | Mar 24, 2015