Beg for the Peg…

Strip for me slowly, slower – no, no, much  slower than that! You’re not used to being savored, are you? I will teach you that patience is the secret of eroticism. Now, look me in the eye while you strip for me.

I love watching you submit to me like this. As I tie your hands behind your back, tell me how you want to be tormented. I want to see you get embarrassed & ask for it anyway. You want me to touch you, but you have to ask for it. Kneel on the floor. Face me and show yourself to me. Your cock is all wet and dripping for me. I’ll make sure you are satisfied my pet, but not just yet.

First,  I want you to kneel down and hang your head over my strap on. Now lift your ass so I can watch it in the mirror. Beg me to put my cock in your mouth. Beg, I said. Very good! Now, lick my cock up and down. I know it’s awkward with your hands tied. I love that. Now use your tongue…Slowly! I’m in charge, I control the timing. Go slowly. Make it slippery and wet. Trust me you’ll want to make sure it is nice and wet!

I will wait until you can no longer stand it, then I’ll  walk behind you, lift up my cock and take you while I reach around and squeeze your nipples, just enough so you feel it.

Pain makes the pleasure so much more intense, don’t you think?  I want you aroused, very aroused. Give it all to me. That’s right. Don’t hold back. Let me hear you.

Louder. Scream. Louder. Louder.  NOW!

You think you’re in control; you think you know the score. My darling, you don’t have a clue!

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The Peg

by | Mar 24, 2015