The Spanking

I stripped my clothes off and quickly scurried into the corner.  I heard the clicking of Mistress Montana’s heels walking across the wood floors as she gathered some things and moved some furniture.

“OK, now come out of the corner and come over here to me.”

As I turned around, Mistress Montana was sitting in the middle of the living room floor in a straight backed armless chair.  There looked to be several hairbrushes and a small wooden paddle on the table beside her.

“Now undress in front of me and come lay across my lap and let’s get this spanking started.”

She pulled me down across her lap and began spanking me with her hand.  Her hand was very effective and it began to sting right away.  After spanking me for probably 5-7 minutes straight, she paused.  She reached over and picked up one of her wooden hairbrushes.

“Now it is time to get down to business, “ she said.  She then pulled her right leg out from under mine and laid it across the back of my legs to hold them in place.

“Now I want to see some tears and some real remorse from you young man.”  She began to bring that hairbrush down on my ass HARD…she was NOT kidding when she said she had a reputation for being heavy handed!  “WHAP!  WHAP!” the hairbrush just kept coming down on my ass as I felt tears begin to well up in my eyes.

“Please Ma’am I have had enough..please stop,” I cried out.

“We will stop when I say we stop,” replied Miss Montana.  She continued spanking me with that hairbrush until tears started to roll out of my eyes.  Finally, she stopped.

“Now go back and stand in the corner again.”

I gathered myself and walked back to the corner.  That was tough, but now it is over I thought to myself.  I was so wrong!!!

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The Spanking

by | Jun 5, 2016