The talent at Mistress Montana’s is far-reaching and quite exceptional.

I have a fundamental belief that people are multifaceted and they should have and need many diverse interests. This is what makes us as humans well-rounded people. With that belief in mind, I have some extremely talented people who work for me. They are all extremely well educated, well respected in their area of work and most of all very kinky!



Mrs. Andrea

Mrs. Andrea


Mrs. Andrea works for a large local corporation in Dallas Texas. She is the Chief Resource officer for all four divisions of the company. She has 25 direct reports and 64 total employees. She clearly knows how to get her point across and get the most out of her underlings.

Mrs. Andrea is our resident Spankologist in Dallas. She has been on the receiving and the giving end of the paddle for more than 25yrs. She is a traditional domestic disciplinarian with deep roots in the community such as Shadow Lane, Lone Star Spanking Party, Texas All-State Spanking Party, Boardwalk Badness & Bottoms Up to name a few.

Mrs. Andrea absolutely knows how to correct bad behavior from you naughty boys. She will pull you over her lap and spank you until she is satisfied that you have learned your lesson. Mrs. Andrea uses many implements to secure your promise of a better attitude such as hairbrushes, paddles, canes, green switch from her trees and most importantly her hand. Don't delay get the punishment you know you deserve today!


Mistress Marisol

Mistress Marisol


Hello, I am Mistress Marisol.

I am a multifaceted woman with a deep kinky streak. I own my own brokerage firm in Dallas and have for the past 15 years. I handle over 40 employees in my daily vanilla life. As I've traversed the corporate world I've learned more than a couple ways of dealing with the wayward executive. You will find me to be an interesting mix of saucy and sadistic. While I absolutely belong in the corporate world, just below the surface you will find a provocative mistress, ready to take control and bring life to your fantasies.

Whether you are from Dallas Texas, Spain or Rome, it won’t be a problem as I am multilingual. I am a busty, hot blooded Latina with a quick wit and a kinky mind. You will find me to be a very creative mistress. From my sissy crossdressers to intense bondage enthusiasts, I enjoy open-minded men who are in need of some kinky play. Due to my other life, I have limited availability but can normally accommodate your schedule with minimal advance notice.

Call ‭(469) 474-3699‬ or email to schedule your session.