Sessions (proposed)

There is extraordinary.

And then there is Mistress Montana.

They say…..the problem with a disguise, however hard you try,  it’s always a self portrait. So true! 

I am

Mistress Montana

I am a tantalizing force of nature equipped with a killer sense of seductive style and  predatory instincts. I have over 29 years of experience as a strict and demanding professional dominatrix. I am a statuesque 5’8″, have long shiny blonde hair, emerald green eyes, a voluptuous 36DD-26-37 body, beautifully sculpted long legs and flawless pedicured size 8 1/2 feet. I am 49yrs old and English is the only language in which I am fluent. 

Amongst the plethora of FemDommes, I occupy a distinct and illustrious position. While others cater to the leather and latex enthusiasts, I mentor powerful corporate men yearning for both mental and physical submission. For far too long there has been a void in the market for a Dominatrix of my stature, who can seamlessly transition from the boardroom to the dungeon and possesses the skill set to reenact the complex fantasies of corporate executives. 

I am by nature a sensually erotic, yet demanding Mistress. While I am well educated, articulate, and sophisticated, I also possess an erotic, perverse, and mischievous mind with a penchant for psychological torture. My expertise in the science of seduction including the mental, physical, and psychological aspects are world renowned. I have always been very interested in respondent conditioning, using the connection between the neurological processes of the brain combined with the physiological responses of the body, and how someone could be controlled through those responses. I believe that everyone is not created equally, and that each individual’s weaknesses must be exploited differently. The sound of my voice, soothing yet stern has the ability to send you into a euphoric mind space. My style ranges from playful, sensual scenarios to extremely sophisticated power plays. I exude confidence in every move as I inflict pain and pleasure that will leave you in a state of pure ecstasy. One of the most powerful moods that a Mistress creates for a submissive is to arrange a cocktail of feelings and a mixture of thoughts, many times overlapping and contradicting the other. The ambience I will create for you will make you feel safe and secure as a whole, yet punctured with rattling moments of fear. Your body will quiver with anticipation of my next move. You will find yourself on a roller coaster of emotions, a drug like elated state. Your journey will be an awakening of senses yet to be revealed, a pilgrimage of new ideas, fulfilled fantasies and expanding the boundaries of self. Yield to your desires and submit to my absolute dominance. 

IMG_0934Mistress Montana 

I am available for sessions from 10am-7pm Monday-Saturday. I do not session on Sundays. You may book a appointment on the same day or as far in advance as a week. If you are booking a same day appointment, a 2hr notice is required. While short notice appointments will be considered, advance appointments are always recommended. All of my sessions are at my location, I do not offer outcall sessions. 

I am not

a hooker with a whip. If this is what you are looking for, there are many others for you to choose from.

My Interests

This is not a complete list, by far. If you don’t find your particular fetish please call, chances are I do it, or I can refer you to a very capable dominatrix in town who does.

  • Pegging (click for more information)
  • Mind Play: Submissive, slave, humbleness training, sensory deprivation/overload, ritual & etiquette education.
  • Body Play: Classic SM-creative, TT, CBT, NT, BT, pain/pleasure training, electro-torment, tantric, spiritual, & energy-based SM – from sensual to ecstatic to severe.
  • GS & Enemas: Call for a complete list of the different types offered.
  • Percussion Artistry: Light OTK, BB, spanking to severe caning, paddling, strapping, corporal punishment, flagellation/whipping, & extended whippings.
  • Domestic Discipline: Maid & servant training, sissy & bad boy fantasies; school Mistress scenarios…..etc.
  • Bondage: Intricate bondage, mummification, full body suspension, category 5 suspension, electric swing, hand-forged iron jail cell & cage.
  • Fetishes: Foot/leg/shoe/adoration

Orgasm is the involvement of the total body: mind, body, soul
all together… it is like a madness… it is like meditation…

Sessions (proposed)

by | Mar 17, 2023