The Mistress (Proposed)

Rare as a linx

What are you seeking in a Dominatrix?

Education? I have BBA in Marketing and a BSID.

Cultured? I would love a glass of 2007 Hundred Acre Precious cabernet. Many say it deserves a 100-point rating. What do you think?

Well-traveled? Do you prefer gambling in Monaco, enjoying the incredible views from one of my favorite places, The Post Ranch inn, Or Sailing the Greek Isles and sunbathing from your 17-crew yacht?

All of that and Kinky also? I’m quite extraordinary as I seamlessly traverse between the corporate and kinky worlds.

I am

Mistress Montana

What does YOUR psyche crave?

I have spent many years studying & honing my craft, giving me the ability to size you up with a glance, instantly knowing what you like and what you fear. I use my intuitive nature to seize upon your greatest weaknesses, ripping them open and exposing your vulnerabilities. Introducing you to intermittent pleasure or pain with the use of sensory or sadistic play. Pushing you to the edge then pulling you back ever so slowly, thus building the intensity till you find yourself at the apex. Make no mistake…you will beg for more!

I’m looking for the man who is not happy with cheap copies. You are seeking something that is quite rare and elusive. You are a powerful man, accomplished and confident in your own right. You acquiesce to no man but are strong enough and willing to submit to me. You seek intense play that is erotic, edgy, liberating & stimulating. Is this you? …You know what to do.

I am sapiosexual so do not bore me. THINK… after all brainy is the new sexy!

A corporal fix for a corporate world
-Mistress Montana


The Mistress (proposed)

by | Mar 17, 2023