Product Reviews

Mistress Montana and Sara’s Secret have partnered to bring you product reviews of their Product of the Month (though we may bring you some independent goodies and treats as well!). Enjoy!

A very Naughty Christmas box from Sara’s Secrets and Mistress Montana

Merry Christmas!
Sara’s Secrets and I have joined forces this holiday season to bring you a kinky Christmas box.

Have you been naughty this year? Well, this year it won’t matter!!
Dallas’s premier adult shopping spot Sara’s Secrets and Dallas’s own Mistress Montana have teamed up to bring you a very Naughty Christmas box with a twist of kink. They have searched the globe for kinky toys and treats to keep your cold nights much warmer. You will find candles that burn and turn into massage oil so you can rub all over your partner. Along with vibrators to “stimulate” your evenings and, for those truly naughty girls and boys, you may just find a paddle or two to remind you how lucky you are to have made it onto the naughty list.

We hope you enjoy your naughty box!
Wishing you all Happy Holidays.

Sara’s Secrets
Mistress Montana

Each box is full of candles that melt into massage oil, great lubes, vibrators, whips, restraints etc. You can purchase your box in any Sara’s Secrets store or online at or at I hope you and your partner truly enjoy our new kinky holiday box.